Summer Update

A lot of you have emailed us about our summer classes. It has taken us a while to figure out the best and safe way to redesign the program to make it safe and enjoyable for everyone. We have been running our summer programs for 20 years and I have to say this is the toughest challenge we have had to face. I feel confident that we have come up with the solution!

The first change is there will be no in- studio 3-d design classes. We are sad about that, as it was one of the most child directed creative classes on the north shore. But fear not, it will be back next year!

We will however conduct the outdoor painting classes held at The Salem Willows for ages 8 and up. But due to the virus there will be some changes as follows:
1. We can no longer transport your child. A parent or designated guardian must drop off the child at 9am curbside in front of The Clam Shack and pick up at 1pm from the same location.
2. Every child will be checked with a forehead thermometer every morning before the parent leaves. And given a squirt of hand sanitizer.
3. Every child must have a face mask or they can not attend.
4. All supplies given to that child on Monday will only be touched by that child through the course of the week. Which means they will be bringing them home and back every morning; easel, palette, painting, brushes. ( a box should be placed in your car to ensure you don’t get paint in your car)
5. Every child must bring the following…a lunch, baby wipes , mask, sunscreen, beach shoes, cloths they don’t mind getting wet for wading in the water.

The program will also be set up differently. There will be three experienced Acorn Teachers stationed within view of each other yet several yards apart. Each teacher will have  five students. Each teacher will have their own sets of paints to distribute.
The students will be set up six feet from each other within the group.
Each teacher will do their own demo for each group and when helping a student through the course of the week the student is expected to step back and the teacher with their own brushes will assist that student ( in design, color mixing, or technique)
Painting time will be from arrival till 11:30 followed by lunch and some beach time where the student is not allowed to go over their waist in the water. If it rains each set of students will be in the three gazebos that are in the park. Pick up is at the same location as drop off. Please be on time.
At the end of each week all materials will be sanitized and ready for the following week.

Our programs have always been conducted in small groups, so as in the past, space is limited. We suggest you sign up early to ensure the week you want.  We run all summer with the exact dates of the weeks on our website.
Sign up is going on now from our website:

( our on line classes will continue through the summer and hopefully be a part of Acorn from now on as we have picked up a lot of national and international students)

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