Summer Update

A lot of you have emailed us about our summer classes. It has taken us a while to figure out the best and safe way to redesign the program to make it safe and enjoyable for everyone. We have been running our summer programs for 20 years and I have to say this is the toughest challenge we have had to face. I feel confident that we have come up with the solution!

The first change is there will be no in- studio 3-d design classes. We are sad about that, as it was one of the most child directed creative classes on the north shore. But fear not, it will be back next year!

We will however conduct the outdoor painting classes held at The Salem Willows for ages 8 and up. But due to the virus there will be some changes as follows:
1. We can no longer transport your child. A parent or designated guardian must drop off the child at 9am curbside in front of The Clam Shack and pick up at 1pm from the same location.
2. Every child will be checked with a forehead thermometer every morning before the parent leaves. And given a squirt of hand sanitizer.
3. Every child must have a face mask or they can not attend.
4. All supplies given to that child on Monday will only be touched by that child through the course of the week. Which means they will be bringing them home and back every morning; easel, palette, painting, brushes. ( a box should be placed in your car to ensure you don’t get paint in your car)
5. Every child must bring the following…a lunch, baby wipes , mask, sunscreen, beach shoes, cloths they don’t mind getting wet for wading in the water.

The program will also be set up differently. There will be three experienced Acorn Teachers stationed within view of each other yet several yards apart. Each teacher will have  five students. Each teacher will have their own sets of paints to distribute.
The students will be set up six feet from each other within the group.
Each teacher will do their own demo for each group and when helping a student through the course of the week the student is expected to step back and the teacher with their own brushes will assist that student ( in design, color mixing, or technique)
Painting time will be from arrival till 11:30 followed by lunch and some beach time where the student is not allowed to go over their waist in the water. If it rains each set of students will be in the three gazebos that are in the park. Pick up is at the same location as drop off. Please be on time.
At the end of each week all materials will be sanitized and ready for the following week.

Our programs have always been conducted in small groups, so as in the past, space is limited. We suggest you sign up early to ensure the week you want.  We run all summer with the exact dates of the weeks on our website.
Sign up is going on now from our website:

( our on line classes will continue through the summer and hopefully be a part of Acorn from now on as we have picked up a lot of national and international students)


A few Edits to Our Last Post

If all you want is one lesson/link we understand and we can accommodate that. There will also be a few Adult classes that will only be available as individual classes ($15).

Here is a small taste of what is to come: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RYwaqjyysPE

If clicking the link does not work please copy and paste into your search bar.


Acorn Goes Virtual

Lovely Acorns of all ages, 

We are happy to be doing our small part in these trying times by staying closed and at home. We hope that you are safe and healthy as well. We miss you. 

We have been hard at work trying to find a way to be an active part of your lives and maybe be able to help relieve some mental strain. We have decided to utilize our YouTube channel to bring the lessons we are all missing straight to your home (complete with Debra Stories). 

Our goal is to create and publish 4 lessons per month for as long as social distancing continues. One month of classes will cost $60. If you are interested in being a part of this new Acorn experience, please go to our website https://acornartschool.com and click on Register for Classes. There you will find a tab labeled “Virtual” where you can register for all our new virtual lessons. As lesson/story videos become available we will email private links to those that are participating. When you register please make sure you include the email address you would like to receive your class links.

We understand that money is tighter than usual for many so we are also working to put out a few public stories and possibly a lesson or two.

We love & miss you all, 

Jack, Debra, and the rest of the Acorn staff


Comment to our Community

The Acorn community is my family. I miss you all greatly when I can not be there to teach you. This current need for distance is hard, but very important. We are taking this opportunity to sterilize our space to be ready for your return. If the unthinkable happens and this carries into April a special “mini day camp” is currently in the works.

Be safe and I look forward to when we get to reconnect our community.


Summer Program Sign-ups Available now!!!


Are your children tired of a summer program where they are just one child in a large group of children?  Do they come home tired because all day long they have been ordered around and told what to do? ACORN SCHOOL OF ART has the perfect program for the child that wants their summer to FEEL like it’s vacation.

* Limited to 8 children with 3 teachers

* Center-based classroom with various supplies (provided)

* Child chooses what they want to make. Imagination is encouraged. The teacher’s job is to facilitate the creative thinking process and assist with difficult aspects of the construction.

* Outdoor play and snack at Crocker Park once a day (included in camp cost)


* Full day (9am-4pm) – $550

* Morning session (9am-1pm) – $300

* Afternoon (1pm-4pm) – $250


*  Children are taken to the Salem Willows and taught the traditional plein air techniques covering the foundations of perspective, color, and value over the course of a week. Each student will complete one 12 x 16 in. panel of a landscape view of their choice. Each morning opens up with demonstration. The student then picks their spot, and 3 teachers assist them throughout the process. Late morning, we break for snack and the children are supervised in the arcade (children must bring quarters for the arcade). Pick up is at 1pm at the Acorn Gallery.

*  Limited to 16 students with 3 teachers

*  Transportation to and from studio provided

*  Snack provided

*  Supplies included in cost


9am to 1pm Monday-Friday

Sign up is easy! Click on ‘Register for Classes’ at the top of the page, then click  ‘Summer 2020’ to find the summer class options.

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Sign Up For Fall Classes

Fall classes have started here at Acorn! Don’t miss out on painting time! Sign up today for a class that fits your child’s age group.


Children ages 5 to 11: Introducing each child to the visual world and how to approach it on the two-dimensional surface. Through art, your child will learn motor skills, eye coordination, sequencing instruction, and social skills. While in a creative and nurturing environment, the student will be introduced to the fundamentals of light, perspective, color, and drawing. The classes meet once a week for an hour. All materials are supplied except for a canvas panel.


Children ages 11 to 14: Preparing students for the more advanced portfolio class. There will be an introduction to figure drawing and anatomy. Color theory is addressed, along with the understanding of pigments and saturation. Value is reintroduced to coincide with the reasons and rules of light. The class meets once a week for an hour. All materials are included, except for a canvas panel.


Ages 13 & 14 after completion of Pre-Portfolio: Where the information from Pre-Portfolio 1 comes to life. Students combine knowledge from Pre-Portfolio 1 with their natural creativity and create images inspired by artists from art history. Each month an artist from history is chosen for class discussion. We talk about their contribution to the art world and the changes and responses it curtailed. Afterwards, each student is given an assignment of their own creation relating to that artist’s work.This class meets twice a week.  All materials are included, except for a canvas.


High School and Adult students
The intent of this class is to generate varied works to complete a portfolio for the explicit intention of applying to colleges and scholarships.  Upon completion of this course, the student will be prepared for the demands and rigors of art school.  As experienced draftsmen and painters, these students will understand conceptual and analytic aspects of art criticism and art history. This class works with the figure, and there are models (wearing bathing suits) as well as assignments designed to help the student create a diverse portfolio.
This class has an open class schedule.  Once in portfolio, you are allowed to attend any scheduled portfolio time for the same monthly rate.  All supplies included except a canvas.
ADULT Class:

Geared towards the individual, from beginner to advanced.  In a 3 hour time span, students can learn as much as they want with their own freedom of  expression.

Formal enrollment is not required; drop-ins are welcome during the designated Adult Class times.  This class includes all supplies except a canvas.  All Materials are non-toxic, and adults are permitted to bring in their own supplies for personal use, if they choose.


Snow Day Thursday February 9

Hello Acorn Family,

We want to inform everyone that there will be no classes tomorrow February 9th due to the coming snow.  Everyone enjoy making snow forts and snow angels.  If you would like to make up your missed class please contact us via phone or email.

781-631-6030  acorngallerymarblehead@gmail.com


Photo above from the 2015 storms 🙂


September Sign up and Newsletter

Summer is coming to a close and September is around the corner. Our summer immersion program was a booming success this year with classes completely booked. Thank you for your patronage.  Remember to sign up early next year as we had to turn a lot away. Sign ups for summer start March 1st.

Acorn’s fall classes start Thursday, September 1st. The only change will be that we are adding an additional night to portfolio. This is our largest enrolled class and we felt it necessary. The added day will be Wednesday nights 7-9. As before portfolio students have unlimited access to the studio and may come to all portfolio classes as well as the after school classes providing there is room. The cost will be $150 per month which includes: model fees, paint, brushes, paper & drawing supplies, and instruction. It is important that portfolio students complete their portfolios by junior year for submissions to collages their senior year. We are also happy to announce our tally for Acorn students receiving scholarship to college is now over 8 million dollars.  😳😊

Recently our scheduling has been done online. We have been testing it and find that it is most efficient for both the student as well as us. No longer are we playing phone tag and if you need to make changes due to other issues you can do so yourself and see what spaces we have available. The way to do this is to go to our Register for Classes link on the menu bar. NOTE: it is important to always use your same email for your account. To hold the spot, the first months tuition must be paid. This is how the system tracks available spaces. If it is not paid your spot could be taken with no control from us. So it is important to sign up soon.

All After School, Pre Portfolio 1 & 2 prices will remain the same as last year. ( $70 for After School and Pre Portfolio 1….$100 for Pre Portfolio 2)

As always I would like to thank all of you for allowing your child to be a part of my life. Words will never properly express what this means to me and the quality it has made in my life. After 23 years in business I still feel like the I have the best job ever and look forward to seeing their smiling faces everyday and the amazingly amount of hugs and tenderness they give me. Your children are as important to me as mine was. I will continue to give them motherly guidance and love as well as a feeling of accomplishment.

Thank you