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Sign Up For Fall Classes

Fall classes have started here at Acorn! Don’t miss out on painting time! Sign up today for a class that fits your child’s age group.


Children ages 5 to 11 The purpose of the class is to introduce each child to the visual world and how to approach it on the two-dimensional surface. Through art, your child will be learning motor skills, eye coordination, sequencing instruction, and social skills. While in a creative and nurturing environment, the student will be introduced to the fundamentals of light, perspective, color, and drawing. The classes meet once a week for an hour. All materials are supplied except for a canvas panel.


Children ages 11 to 14 This class will prepare the young student for the more advanced portfolio class. There will be an introduction to figure drawing and anatomy. Color theory is addressed, along with the understanding of pigments and saturation.  Value is reintroduced to coincide with the reasons and rules of light.

The class meets once a week for an hour.  All materials are included, except for a canvas panel.


Ages 13 & 14 after completion of Pre-Portfolio This class is where the information from Pre-Portfolio 1 comes to life.  The students combine their knowledge from Pre-Portfolio 1 with their natural creativity and, through various assignments, create images inspired by artists from art history. Each month an artist from history is chosen for class discussion . We talk about their contribution to the art world and the changes and responses it curtailed.  Afterwards, each student is given an assignment of their own creation relating to that artist work.

This class meets twice a week.  All materials are included, except for a canvas.


High School and Adult students
The intent of this class is to generate varied works to complete a portfolio for the explicit intention of applying to colleges and scholarships.  Upon completion of this course, the student will be prepared for the demands and rigors of art school.  As experienced draftsmen and painters, these students will understand conceptual and analytic aspects of art criticism and art history. This class works with the figure, and there are models (wearing bathing suits) as well as assignments designed to help the student create a diverse portfolio.
This class has an open class schedule.  Once in portfolio, you are allowed to attend any scheduled portfolio time for the same monthly rate.  All supplies included except a canvas.

This class is geared towards the individual, from beginner to advanced.  In a 3 hour time span, students can learn as much as they want with their own freedom of  expression.

Formal enrollment is not required; drop-ins are welcome during the designated Adult Class times.  This class includes all supplies except a canvas.  All Materials are non-toxic, and adults are permitted to bring in their own supplies for personal use, if they choose.


Snow Day Thursday February 9

Hello Acorn Family,

We want to inform everyone that there will be no classes tomorrow February 9th due to the coming snow.  Everyone enjoy making snow forts and snow angels.  If you would like to make up your missed class please contact us via phone or email.

781-631-6030  acorngallerymarblehead@gmail.com


Photo above from the 2015 storms 🙂


September Sign up and Newsletter

Summer is coming to a close and September is around the corner. Our summer immersion program was a booming success this year with classes completely booked. Thank you for your patronage.  Remember to sign up early next year as we had to turn a lot away. Sign ups for summer start March 1st.

Acorn’s fall classes start Thursday, September 1st. The only change will be that we are adding an additional night to portfolio. This is our largest enrolled class and we felt it necessary. The added day will be Wednesday nights 7-9. As before portfolio students have unlimited access to the studio and may come to all portfolio classes as well as the after school classes providing there is room. The cost will be $150 per month which includes: model fees, paint, brushes, paper & drawing supplies, and instruction. It is important that portfolio students complete their portfolios by junior year for submissions to collages their senior year. We are also happy to announce our tally for Acorn students receiving scholarship to college is now over 8 million dollars.  😳😊

Recently our scheduling has been done online. We have been testing it and find that it is most efficient for both the student as well as us. No longer are we playing phone tag and if you need to make changes due to other issues you can do so yourself and see what spaces we have available. The way to do this is to go to our Register for Classes link on the menu bar. NOTE: it is important to always use your same email for your account. To hold the spot, the first months tuition must be paid. This is how the system tracks available spaces. If it is not paid your spot could be taken with no control from us. So it is important to sign up soon.

All After School, Pre Portfolio 1 & 2 prices will remain the same as last year. ( $70 for After School and Pre Portfolio 1….$100 for Pre Portfolio 2)

As always I would like to thank all of you for allowing your child to be a part of my life. Words will never properly express what this means to me and the quality it has made in my life. After 23 years in business I still feel like the I have the best job ever and look forward to seeing their smiling faces everyday and the amazingly amount of hugs and tenderness they give me. Your children are as important to me as mine was. I will continue to give them motherly guidance and love as well as a feeling of accomplishment.

Thank you



Additional Portfolio Time Starting July

Starting in July there will be a new addition to the portfolio times.  We will be offering figurative painting classes from 7-9pm.  Because of this additional night the price of the portfolio class will be increasing starting in July to $150 per month.  This will be a great opportunity for the high school students to create pieces for their portfolio for college.


Studio Closed February 5th

Snow fight

According to the weather the worst of this storm will be hitting us around 3pm so we have decided to close the studio for a snow day.  Feel free to contact us by email or phone to schedule a make up class so your child does not miss any painting time.


Enjoy the weather! It is Perfect for fort building and snow men!


Class canceled – make up times posted


We are sad to say that all classes will be canceled again today. Due to the Monday snow days we will be holding a make up class on Tuesday at 3pm for any Monday at 4 or 5 kids who want to make up a class. We will also once again be starting our pre-portfolio 2 class at 4 or Tuesday to make up their missed class today. In addition to all of this we will be open the Monday of vacation. There is nothing that upsets us more then everyone losing all their painting time so we are doing whatever we can to make it possible for you to come in. Please call 781-631-6030 to schedule your make up class if these times do not work for you.


We are open!!

Classes will be held today Tuesday February 3rd. THE TUESDAY-MONDAY PRE-PORTFOLIO TWO WILL BE STARTING AT 4 TODAY!!!’ Pre-portfolio 2 will be running 3 hours today to make up for the snow day yesterday. Portfolio will still be at 7 and last the regular two hours.