New to Acorn and just enrolled in a class? Please read the following to familiarize yourself with our policies. If you have any questions regarding our policies please contact the studio by e-mail or phone.

School Year Policies

Payment is due the first class of each month in the form of cash, check or credit card. Should your child miss one or more classes during the month that class can be made up during another class time. You have one month after the absence to make up the time. Make up classes cannot occur during the original scheduled class time the following month. Make up classes from the school year cannot be accumulated and then made up during the summer months.

We do not prorate classes. The only exception to this is when a child signs up for their first class in the middle of a month. Then you have the option of paying $20 per class till the next month when you will be excepted to pay the full tuition of $75.  Tuition for class cannot be divided into more then one month.

Summer Policies

Full Payment is due at sign up.  If you have to drop out of a registered week we can refund half your payment up until a week before class.  If you drop out within the week prior to the registered class then no money will be refunded.

Due to the popularity of our summer programs attendance for camp cannot be divided into more then one week.  When enrolled in a camp week a child is expected to attend all days of that specific week.

If your child has any food allergies it is required to inform the instructors as food is provided daily.  Due to allergies there are NO NUTS of any kind allowed in the studio.

General Policies

If your child stops attending classes, all artwork must be taken home that has been made by him or her. Paintings that have been left behind for more then one month will sadly be recycled.  This is due to our limited storage space in the studio.

July 1st of every year is our major clean out day.  All canvases left in the cubbies WILL BE RECYCLED.  Please make sure that when your child leaves for the summer, all his or her work has gone home with them.

We accept credit cards on all classes EXCEPT adult classes.

When Purchasing artwork only some paintings can be bought with a credit card.  Please contact the studio for more information.


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