Michelle Satin Bergstein, mother of 2 from New Jersey:

“Acorn is special. It isn’t like every other activity that you sign your kids up for. The work they do there is far better and more mature than what others do elsewhere. More important, however, is the fact that the people there are incredible. They treat children in a way that causes my children to wish they lived close enough to go every day. They are always sad to leave and always look forward to the next time they can go.”


Brad Smith, Acorn student 1996-2000, employer Entertain Arts, Madden Games:

“Acorn gave me the confidence to approach any creative endeavor and the ability to be successful. I owe much of my education and my career to the formal instruction of Acorn and the guidance of Jack and Debra. I can’t thank them both enough.”


Katrina Wright-Singer, Acorn student 1996-2001, age 26, employer Harvard School of Public Health, Nutrition Department, Grant Manager:

“Going to Acorn Gallery not only changed the way I approached the artistic process, but how I looked at the world around me. I gained the ability to think outside of the “box”, which has severed me well in all aspects of life.”