Summer Immersion at the Salem Willows

Who is this for?

Children ages 8 and up. **Please see our main page for COVID-19 procedure updates**


The purpose of this class is to teach the student how to deal with the element of painting outside: the changing of the light, the changing of the weather, being in public, different materials used, and working from techniques that allow the artist to work quickly. The class runs in one week sessions. The children are to be dropped off by the Clam Shack at 9AM, where they have a choice of scenes for them to work from.  They are taught how to set up their pallets and about the various materials being used.  After this, a 15 minute demonstration is performed each morning by the instructor as a sample of what is expected of them that day. There are 15 students to three teachers. Students are expected to bring a box lunch and snack.  The last 30 minutes of each day, the children are allowed to play in the arcade under constant supervision. The children are then to be picked up at 1PM at the first arcade on the corner at Salem Willows.


  • $375.00 per week
  • Full Payment is due at time of sign up.  If your child drops out we can refund you half of the payment.  If your child drops within 7 days prior to your enrolled immersion week, no money will be refunded.